Thursday, December 10, 2015

My Trip to Safari West

Last month we took a road trip up north to a place called Safari West. Safari West is an animal preserve where you can spend the night in these huge canvas tests, go on a guided tour on a safari truck, and explore on your own.

While I was there I saw lots of mammals, but I also saw some birds. I will tell you about three of them.

Trumpeter Hornbill

One was a trumpeter hornbill which scared the living daylights out of me and my mom. He was in an aviary. He was very loud! He looks old to me because he has pink around his eyes and damage to his bill, but that's just how they are.

Trumpeter hornbills are native to Africa. You might find them in trees.

A mother hornbill has to be confident that she will survive in a hole in a tree with a noisy baby! That's what she does to protect herself and her egg and hatchling. The male goes out and gets food and brings it back to her and feeds her through the hole that is only large enough for her beak!

Green Turaco

Another bird I saw was the green turaco. It was also in the aviary. It is also an African bird. It is green with a green crest, and it has red and white eye patches. This bird got very close to my brother's friend. This bird did not seem afraid.

East African Crested Crane

The next bird I saw was the East African crested crane. These cranes were outside near the tents and were part of the racket that we got to hear at night. We also got to hear a monkey that made a car alarm sound, a pheasant (another kind of bird), and some other creatures.

This bird has a beautiful plumage. You can't see in this picture, but it has lots of colors when its wings are spread. I think its crown of feathers looks like a sunset.

I felt like this was a great experience. It made me feel amazed. I recommend people go to Safari West, but if you can't go to place like this, go explore your backyard. Go birding! Don't ignore an unfamiliar sound especially if it is from a bird. You could see something interesting. Birds are everywhere.

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  1. Dear Troy,

    What a terrific summary of your trip to Safari West! I've never heard of this place, so thanks for the introduction!

    The bird that caught my eye the most was the East African crested crane. The plumage is spectacular, and I agree with your simile that the crest looks like a sunset. The red underneath the beak looks similar to a turkey wattle. Is it? How tall is the average East African crested crane?

    I echo your thoughts about exploring in your own backyard. Last week, when I was leaving school for the day, there was a crow (or raven) on the corner of the building. He was alone, but making a call I've never heard before. It has a very low tone. I waited by my door and listened. In the distance, I could hear another bird making the same sound back. I wonder what they were talking about?

    Your birder friend and former teacher,
    Mrs. Y♥llis